Hot rolled p235gh equivalent material density lb/ft3

EN-BOILER Steel provides high-quality boiler steel to many natural gas.
Oil and petrochemical companies and is well-known worldwide.

Hot rolled p235gh equivalent material density lb/ft3


BBN Steel has contracted a batch of special-shaped P235GH equivalent material products, which have been successfully delivered recently after efficient processing. It is understood that the customer has a very tight schedule and needs to deliver before the Spring Festival. After many searches and investigations, he finally took a fancy to BBN Steel's machining capabilities, so the technical docking was carried out immediately and production was scheduled soon.

The company's main business: ship plate, p235gh equivalent material low alloy plate, automobile steel, high-strength plate, pipeline steel, boiler steel plate, weathering plate, wear-resistant plate, bridge plate, pressure vessel plate, steel plate, steel processing, etc. The company takes the implementation of high-end, p235gh equivalent material high-quality, deep processing, strengthening the main business, diversified operation, group operation, enterprise transformation and upgrading as its development strategy, and makes all efforts to be your professional p235gh equivalent material steel supplier and partner.

Delivery status: 16MnDR steel plate is normalized or normalized and tempered. 6-60mm16MnDR-40℃ impact, 60-120mm16MnDR-30℃ impact.Ultrasonic testing of 16MnDR steel plates: The p235gh equivalent material plates delivered in the normalized or normalized and tempered state with thickness greater than 20mm and the steel plates delivered in the quenched and tempered state with thickness greater than 16mm shall be ultrasonically tested one by one.

The company's main steel plates have twelve types of steel products like boilers and pressure vessels, low-alloy high-strength steel p235gh equivalent material, wear-resistant steel plates, corrosion-resistant steel plates, high-rise building structural steel plates, marine structural steel plates, alloy structural steel plates, mold steel plates, carbon structural steel plates, shipbuilding and steel plates for oil production platforms, composite steel plates, steel plates for oil and gas pipelines. We offer various steel grades, and more than 300 kinds of thickness specifications.

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