1500 mm width p235gh material equivalent size

EN-BOILER Steel provides high-quality boiler steel to many natural gas.
Oil and petrochemical companies and is well-known worldwide.

1500 mm width p235gh material equivalent size


BBNsteel P235GH material equivalent medium plate product discount: 17.5*2850*8450, 18.5*1940*12100, 18*2770*4000, 19.5*2980*12050, 20*3000*8570, 19.5*1970*4000, 18.5*1640*8450, 19.5*1490*8500, 19*2580*4700, 20*3200*9000, 20*1600*7740, 18.5*1850*14050, 19.5*1910*6300, 21*1630*6000, 22*1300*10000, 19*2640*7810, 21*2650*7500, 21*1920*8220, 22*1380*7650, 21*1920*9270, 20.5*1590*6000, 21*2980*6460.

BBN STEEL is an agreement direct selling agent of Wuyang Iron and Steel Company, which mainly deals in medium and extra wide and extra thick steel plates. There are more than 8,000 tons of steel p235gh material equivalent plates of various specifications for customers to choose. The company's steel plate processing plant can cut semi-finished products and special-shaped parts according to user requirements, and can also transport on behalf of office roads, railways and shipping.

p235gh material equivalent, 12Cr2Mo1R belongs to the steel for boilers and pressure vessels.12Cr2Mo1R executive standard: GB/T713-2014.The size, shape, weight and allowable deviation of 12Cr2Mo1R should meet the requirements of GB/T709.The thickness tolerance of the 12Cr2Mo1R steel plate should meet the requirements of GB/T709 Class B, and according to the requirements of the purchaser, it can also be delivered according to GB/T709 Class C deviation.

On March 19, 2020 the us international trade commission (ITC) vote on imports from China and India's carbon alloy p235gh material equivalent steel screw (Carbon and Alloy Steel Threaded Rod) to make a positive final anti-dumping and anti-subsidy industry damage. All five members of the international trade commission voted in favor of the ruling. The us department of commerce will issue anti-dumping and countervailing duty orders on imports of p235gh material equivalent carbon alloy steel screws from China and India, according to the itc's affirmative ruling.

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