What is p235gh material equivalent carbon content

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What is p235gh material equivalent carbon content


The work performance of P235GH material equivalent etc. steel material is mainly depended on its chemical composition, mechanical properties etc. parameters. The higher strength the steel has, the less quantity steel is needed to achieve same strong effect of the steel structure. However, the steel strength varies with the thickness. So please take steel thickness into consideration when evaluating the steel strength. For a certain steel, its strength also has something to do with the steel shape. For example, for a same steel grade, the steel strength is different for steel plates and pipes.

The p235gh material equivalent processing performance is good. Due to the uniform control of steel plate performance, excellent performance coordination and good toughness guarantee, the steel plate bending processing, drilling, cutting and other mechanical processing properties are excellent. In addition, the surface of the p235gh material equivalent steel plate is smooth and beautiful by inhibiting and removing oxide scale from slab heating to rolling process and heat treatment in furnace without oxidation atmosphere.

Generally, p235gh material equivalent, SA516Gr65 steel plate is delivered by controlled rolling. If the impact temperature is too low or the thickness is relatively thick, heat treatment is needed, and the content of harmful sulfur and phosphorus residues can be controlled, as well as other technical requirements.SA516Gr70 smelting method: electric furnace + refining + vacuum degassing.

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